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Coriolanus (2019)

by William Shakespeare

Presented by Bard on The Beach Directed by Dean Paul Gibson Featuring Praneet Akilla, Dalal Badr, Alen Dominguez, Craig Erickson, Paige Fraser, Marci T. House, Shawn Macdonald, Moya O’Connell, Anthony Santiago, Sara Vickruck, Colleen Wheeler and Raugi Yu

Apprentice Director Jamie King Stage Managed by Joanne P.B. Smith Assistant Stage Manager by Jennifer Stewart and Zoe Bellis Set Designed by Pam Johnson Assistant Set Designer Kimira Reddy Costume Designed by Barbara Clayden Assistant Costume Designer Alaia Hamer 

Composer and Sound Designed by Alessandro Juliani Assistant Sound Design Kate De Lorme Lighting Designed by Alan Brodie Assistant Lighting Designer ​Sophie Tang Projection Designed Jamie Nesbitt Assistant Projection Designer Connor Moore Assistant to Jamie Nesbitt Vanka Salim

Chimerica (2019)

by Lucy Kirkwood

Presented by United Players of Vancouver

Director: Brian Parkinson

Stage Manager: Becky Fitzpatrick

Props Designer & Set Furnishings: David Valentine

Costume designer: Liz Gao & Sherry Yang

Sound designer: Patrick Boudreau

Lighting & Projection Designer: Harika Xu and Vanka Salim

Photo Credits: Nancy Caldwell and Harika Xu

Selfie (2018)

by Christine Quintana

Presented by Rumble Theatre as part of 'Tremors Festival'

Featuring Carlen Escarraga, Olivia Lang & Grace Le

Director: Pedro Chamale

Stage Manager: Duston Baranow-Watts

Costume Designer: Jesica Hood

Set Designer: Emily Fraser

Sound Designer: Emilee Shackleton

Lighting Designer: Harika Xu

Projection Designer: Vanka Salim

I Am Not A Girl (2018)

by William Hubbard

Presented by Mother Hubbard's Cupboards Productions

Featuring Sara Southey, Sebastien 'Bash' Hirtenstein & Kia Vance

Director: Ren Kennedy

Stage Manager and Lighting Designer: Andie Lloyd

Costume and Set Designer: Emily Fraser

Sound Designer: Patrick Boudreau

Projection Designer: Vanka Salim

Photo Credits: Joel Fraser

Enron (2018)

by Lucy Prebble

Director: Brian Parkinson

Stage Manager: Victoria Porter

Co-Projection Designers: Vanka Salim and Harika Xu

Sound Designer: Patrick Boudreau

Set Designer: Josie Lee

Lighting Designer: Michael Methot

Costume Designer: CS Fergusson-Vaux

Set and Props Decorator: Linda Shearer

Photo Credits: Harika Xu Photography and Nancy Caldwell Photography

Wives and Daughters (2017)

by Elizabeth Gaskell

Presented by UBC Theatre

Featuring Sabrina Vellani, Natalie Backerman, Daria Banu, Heidi Upham, 

Shona Struthers, Olivia Lang, Jed Weiss, Louis Lin & Aidan Wright

Director: Courtenay Dobbie

Stage Manager: Sammie Hatch

Set Designer and Co-Projection Designer: Vanka Salim

Lighting and Co-Projection Designer: Harika Xu

Sound Designer: Mai Inagaki

Costume Designer: Liz Gao

Photo Credits: Javier S. Photography

Out of Control (2017)

by Vanka Salim

THTR 307 Final Project : Presenting a design for a reversed process of

producing a dance performance and art piece in relation to the

lighting and projection design rather than the conventional methods of creating

a dance piece where the design is based on choreography and the dancer's use 

the space.

Featuring Sammie Hatch and Alaia Hamer

Lighting and Projection Designer: Vanka Salim

Photo Credits: Vanka Salim & Samuel Jing

Love and Information (2017)

by Caryl Churchill

Presented by UBC Theatre

Featuring Natalie Backerman, Daria Baru, Riley Bugaresti, Daniel Curalli, Heidi Elric  
Tai Amy Grauman, Bronwyn Henderson, Sarah Jane, Olivia Lang, Louis Lin, Stefanie Michaud,

Sachi Nisbet, Taylor Scott, Shona Struthers, Sabrina Vellani, Jed Weiss & Aidan Wright

Director: Lauren Taylor

Stage Manager: Amanda Parafina

Set Designer: Sophie Tang

Costume Designer: Alaia Hamer

Sound Designer: Edward Dawson

Projection and Lighting Designer: Stefan Zubovic

Assistant Projection and Lighting Designer: Vanka Salim, Ryan Yee

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