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Zoning Out (2020)

by Amir N. Hosseini

Presented by Blackout Theatre

Directed by: Amir N. Hosseini

Actors: Soha Sanajou, Mahshar Emami, Ali Entezari,Talia Soheylian

Assistant director and Stage manager: Parmida Saeidian

Set Design: Kimira Reddy

Lighting and Projection Design: Vanka Salim

Sound Design: Arian Khosravi and 

Farzam Taham

Makeup Artist:

Negar Rastgar

Photo Credits: Kimira Reddy

Jerusalem (2019)

by Jez Butterworth

Presented by United Players Club of Vancouver

Directed by: Kathleen Duborg

Stage manager: Andy Sandberg

Props Designer: Juan Somma and Linda Begg

Set Designer: Todd Parker

Costume Designer: Julie White

Lighting Designers: Harika Xu and Vanka Salim

Sound Designer: Matthias Falvai

Photo Credits: Nancy Caldwell

Chimerica (2019)

by Lucy Kirkwood

Presented by United Players of Vancouver

Director: Brian Parkinson

Stage Manager: Becky Fitzpatrick

Props Designer & Set Furnishings: David Valentine

Costume designer: Liz Gao & Sherry Yang

Sound designer: Patrick Boudreau

Lighting & Projection Designer: Harika Xu and Vanka Salim

Photo Credits: Nancy Caldwell and Harika Xu

ILLUSIVE : A Circus of Possibilities (2018)

by CircusWest

Presented by CircusWest Vancouver Society at Chilliwack Cultural Center

Director: Jay Nunns

Projection and Lighting Designer: Cameron Fraser

Assistant Lighting and Projection Designer: Vanka Salim

Shyama (2018)

by Arno Kamolika and Jai Govinda

Presented by Vancouver Tagore Society and in Community partnership with Mandala Arts & Culture with support from BC Arts Council

Featuring Arno Kamolika, Grihalakshmi Soundarapandian, Jayalakshmi Ravindra, Malavika Santhosh, Vidya Kotamraju

Directed by Rohit Chokhani

Choreographers: Kamolika and Jai Govinda

Lighting Designer: Vanka Salim
Vocals: Shankhanaad Mallick, Suranjana Hoque
Sitar: Firoze Khan
Flute: M. Moniruzzaman
Esraj: Asit Biswas
Tabla: Swarup Hossain
Mridangam: Sayenden Supramaniyam
Sound Recording: Chhayanaut (Dhaka), Sajjadur Rahman, Avik Dey

A Vancouver Guldasta (2018)

by Paneet Singh

Presented by SACHA and Diwali in BC

Director: Paneet Singh

Set and Props Designer: Skye Dyken and Lauren Jamie Homeniuk

Lighting Designer: Chengyan Boon

Associate Lighting Designer: Vanka Salim

The Realistic Joneses (2017)

by Will Eno

Produced and directed: The Mint Collective

Advising Director: Renee Ici

Stage and Props Manager: Jessica Hildebrand

Set and Lighting Design: Vanka Salim

Photo credits: Nancy Caldwell

Out of Control (2017)

by Vanka Salim

THTR 307 Final Project : Presenting a design for a reversed process of producing a dance/performance art piece in relation to the lighting and projection design rather than the conventional method of designing it around the piece and performers.

Featuring Sammue Hatch and Alaia Hamer.

Photo Credits: Vanka Salim and Samuel Jing

Channel Hookup

Love and Information (2017)

by Caryl Churchill

Director: Lauren Taylor

Set Designer: Sophie Tang

Lighting Designer: Stefan Zubovic

Assistant Lighting Designer: Vanka Salim, Ryan Yee

Scene Title Projection Mapping
Projection Programming

Romeo and Juliet (2017)

by William Shakespeare

THTR 307 Lighting design Project II: Presenting a lighting design of Romeo and Juliet Act 5 scene 3 edit

LX Preliminary Cue Sheet

Home Fires Burning (2016) and Divine Monster (2016)

Directed by Jenna Newton, Shelby Bushell

Lighting Designer: Vanka Salim

Two one-act plays by UBC Players Club's production of'And Then There Was One Hundred: A Centennial Celebration' at Studio 1398

Blocking Notes
Magic Sheet

Time-Space Shift Box (2016)

THTR 407/408B Project II : Lighting Party

This box is an interactive installation where a person comes into the box and sees lights that shine in the darkness coming from these holes in different timing while listening to trippy sounds and feeling the movement of the space to creatte a surreal Time-Space Shift effect.

The Time space box
Time-Space Shift Box
Light Hole details
Box Elevation
Painted Rendering
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